For years, my work as a stylist and fashion consultant has forced me to carry bags in which I carry the pieces selected for each production as if they were treasures. I am always walking fast through the city, with several bags in my hands: that they don't fall, that they don't break, that this one is too small or too big?

I am telling you this because that is the origin of the bag I am presenting to you now: THE LUNCH BAG.

One day, looking at my cargo, I had the idea of making a bag that could be bigger or smaller, depending on what I wanted to carry at the time, easy to carry and of course, made of a material that would keep the glamour out of paper and plastics! The LUNCH BAG has been designed in Napa Anobuckada, a soft, elegant material that allows an exquisite range of colours.

I have given it a lot of thought to achieve the ideal size: it can be a perfect bag to carry various things during the day or become the most elegant clutch to accompany you to a social event.

Here you have my new creation, the result of my professional experience and my aesthetic criteria. I hope you enjoy the LUNCH BAG as much as I do!

Our bags are of unbeatable quality

Made in Spain.


I bought a mini lunch and it has an incredible quality.

John Edmonson

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We love the brand, a hit for any occasion

Lindsay Smith

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Excellent customer service. I love their products!

Eric Lopez

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Very fast delivery, very good quality.

Sandy Boone

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